Rehoming Policy

When we rehome cats and kittens we take many things into consideration when we are trying to match the cat with their new home and family.    Although we understand the wish for a particular colour, gender or age, we believe that the cat’s personality and his or her background is more important.   We try to get to know our prospective adopters, and for this reason we will ask them certain questions about their home, their lifestyle and their reasons for wanting to adopt a cat from us.

Some of the questions we ask are as follows:

Do you own or rent?

  • If you are renting, we will need a form to be completed by your landlord giving his consent to pet ownership.  

Do you work full time?    Are you away from home for long hours?

  • Young kittens should not be left alone for long periods.

Do you live on a busy main road?

  • A main road is not a suitable place for outdoor cats. If you are not able to keep the cat indoors all the time, then it is not safe for him or her.    

What are your reasons for getting a cat?

  • We do not rehome cats as surprise presents
  • We do not rehome cats to a third party or anyone under the age of 18.

Newly-rehomed cats should be kept indoors for a minimum of 4 weeks to allow them time to adjust to their new surroundings. Small kittens cannot live outdoors due to risks from tom cats, foxes and severe weather.  We try to rehome young kittens in pairs as much as possible – they learn to play and interact with each other, developing social skills as well as having the comfort of another cat to curl up with to sleep.

We ask all adopters to sign a contract agreeing to necessary vaccinations and health checks.  The contract also includes a clause stating that if you no longer wish to keep the cat for any reason that you return it to us.

Sometimes we are forced to refuse, but this decision is always made based on circumstances – it is never personal and we don’t wish to offend. When we rescue these cats and kittens we take on the responsibility of finding them safe and suitable homes, and although we cannot guarantee their complete safety we always do our best to reduce the risks.

Should issues ever arise concerning a cat’s safety or well-being we will pass the details on to the relevant authorities who have the power to investigate.

Ten Lives Cat Rescue is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine on the Register of Sellers or Suppliers of Pet Animals and the Register of Premises in accordance with the Animal Health and Welfare (Sale or Supply or Pet Animals) Regulations 2019 (SI No. 681/2019)

Registration Number: YPT200008C

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