Are you looking for a barn cat?

A barn cat is an cat who, although lives outdoors, is fed, housed and generally looked after by an owner.  Farms, stables etc would often keep outdoor cats around to reduce the rodent population.  

If you are looking for a healthy, neutered cat to perform these duties for you, get in touch.  We sometimes find cats within colonies who are not entirely feral, but are not suitable (nor would they wish) to live in a house.  

Please note, we normally charge a fee of €50 to rehome a barn cat.  This is to cover the costs of neuter/spay (we will not home an intact cat, even to an outdoor home), and general medical checkup/parasite treatment.

Register your interest in barn cats by completing the form below, and we will get in touch if and when we come across a suitable candidate.

Barn Cat

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