Ten Lives Cat Rescue



Ten Lives Cat Rescue is a small, volunteer-run charity, in operation since November 2020.   

We have helped many cats and kittens lead to healthier, happier lives, and with the help of our friends and supporters, hope to help many more over the coming months and years.



We trap/neuter/return

Trap-Neuter-Return is the most effective and most humane solution in an area overpopulated by feral cats. The cats are humanely trapped and brought to a vet. They are health checked, neutered, and treated for parasites, and by nicking the tip off the left ear they are marked for identification before they return to their colony.

We home cats and kittens

We try to get to know our prospective adopters, and for this reason we will ask them lots of questions about their home, their lifestyle and their reasons for wanting to adopt a cat from us.  If you choose to adopt from us, you will be supported every step of the way, whether you are an experienced cat parent, or a first-timer.

We improve cat welfare

Feral cats have the right to live a long, healthy and safe life in their colonies. They deserve our compassion and protection.  We help community caregivers to feed, shelter and give medical care to the cats they watch over, and maintain contact with all the colonies we help, in order to ensure their ongoing welfare.

We help cat owners

Sometimes your cat can be a mystery! From undesirable behaviours to “why does my cat…”, we can give advice, information and help owners and their cats build on their bond, to enhance the lives of the entire family.

We educate

From spay/neuter to vaccinations, from play to bonding, as well as general cat welfare advice, we can help to educate everyone in the importance of keeping your cat fit and healthy, physically and mentally. 

We rely on people

In order to help cats, we need people to help us!  You can help by donating, by volunteering to help with Trap/Neuter/Return programmes, by fostering a cat and/or kittens, or by helping us with fundraising activities.  

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