We love all our cats, and when they pass away it is devastating.    We never forget that many stray, feral and community cats were unwanted and unloved until the day they were rescued.   This page serves as a memorial to the ones we have loved and cared for, sometimes for just a few hours or days after rescue.  From the tiniest kitten to the oldest and frailest member of a feral colony, they all deserve to be remembered.

Peter Lorre, Clark Gable  & Audrey Hepburn

31/05/2021 & 01/06/2021

Peter Lorre and Clark Gable were sadly stillborn to Tippi Hedren, one of our mammies in foster care.   Their sister, Audrey Hepburn, passed away the following day.  

Buffy 10/01/2021

Beautiful Buffy came to us from the same colony as Giles, and was sadly put to sleep after a spay operation released a latent panleukopenia virus.  We fought so hard to save her, but it wasn’t to be.


Giles 08/01/2021

Giles came into foster from a colony in Bunclody. He was poorly for a while, and despite the best efforts of the vet and his foster carer, he had to be put to sleep.


Vixen 25/12/2020

Vixen came into foster with us from a colony in Enniscorthy, along with his sister Dancer.  Unfortunately, he began to show signs of Feline Panleukopenia virus, and despite the prompt care of the vet, he passed away.


Tressa 16/11/2020

Tressa (Leia to her foster family) sadly lost her fight for life shortly after arriving at her forever home.  She seems to have suffered an infection as a result of a leg injury, which could not be treated in time.


Phoenix 04/11/2020

Little Phoenix was in foster care with Ten Lives Cat Rescue with his mother and three siblings, when he succumbed quickly to suspect Feline Panleukopenia Virus, at three weeks of age.



Orion 04/11/2020

Orion, Phoenix’s brother, sadly passed within hours of Phoenix, also of suspected Feline Panleukopenia Virus.  He fought a little longer, but could not overcome.

Dahlia and Dandelion

Dahlia and Dandelion 24/10/2020

Dahlia and Dandelion came to us from a feral colony near Blackwater.  Whilst they initially thrived, they began to show symptoms of Feline Panleukopenia virus shortly after arriving in their new home.  Despite emergency veterinary care, sadly they passed away within a day of one another.

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