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Walter is a complete snuggle-puss.  You won’t be sat down for more than a minute before he has installed himself on your lap, purring madly.  He loves to climb, and when not on a lap, always chooses the highest spot in the room from which to survey his estate.  He enjoys playing and wrestling with[…]


I am an adventurous pirate of a kitten.  No cupboard or shelf is safe from my nosiness and I suffer from serious FOMO!  I love to be around people, and follow my foster mum around the house to enjoy affection and praise.  A real social butterfly, I adore other cats as well as people, and[…]

Colin Robinson

I am a purry prince, whose engine will run as soon as I see you.  I am a complete water baby; no water source remains unexplored and I am endless fascinated by a running tap!  I’m a gentle fellow, more likely to snuggle and lick a companion than bite and pounce, and love nothing more[…]

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