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I am a cuddle monster who loves nothing more than snuggling up with my foster mum. I also enjoy hunting feather toys and wrestling with my siblings.

Colin Robinson

I used to be very shy, but I am coming out of my shell now, and purr like an engine whenever my foster mum strokes me. I love playing with my siblings, and will chase anything that moves. My foster mum tells me I will be quite the hunter when I grow up!


I am full of fun and mischief, and love nothing more than chasing my siblings around the room. My full name is Nandor The Relentless, and I truly live up to that; I insist on getting my way at all times, whether its food, play, or cuddles! I would like to find a forever home[…]


I am a shy boy, but very playful and fun-loving. I still find humans a little daunting, but I am coming around and starting to realise that strokes feel nice. I like how humans make me feel safe, even though I am still quite nervous. I would love a quiet forever home, preferably with a[…]


I am a gentle, sweet boy who loves to be cuddled, and fall asleep on peoples’ shoulders! I adore my sister Lacey, and would love to find a forever home with her.

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